Here are the few roofing parts that you need to insulate before the winter hits

Winter season would soon hit once the summer with warm &long days are over. So, you need to plan in ahead such that your house is well-insulated before the winter season begins to hit.

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So, in this post, we would be talking about the roofing parts that you need to insulate before the winter season hits. Let us have a look:-

Attic: During the winter season, ice & snow present on your roof can melt when the heat rises and further gets transferred through the roof. So, when it refreezes, then ice dams can be created and further cause damage to your gutters & roof. Thus, any cavities or cracks where the insulation is poor represents that your home is quite vulnerable. Thus, ensure that your attic insulation is up to the mark by having professional inspection from the home insulation contractors.

Your basement or garage:If your garage is insulated, then it can keep your car warm while you are heading towards the school & work during the morning season. Other than this, garage insulation is quite important if you use garage for spending time or for the laundry purpose. Also, you would want your basement floors, walls and ceiling to be insulated adequately before you step down during the cold.

Exterior walls: Every wall that is present at the exterior of your home has a vulnerable point. If the insulation is adequate on the exterior walls, then it can cause drafts and cold spots across the entire home which can indeed negatively impact the home energy costs.

Pipes:When you notice that the temperature has started falling below the freezing point, then it is an indication that the plumbing is in danger. Pipes that are unprotected through insulation can freeze up during the cold nights. Moreover, once the ice begins to expand, then it can cause the pipes to crack while flooding the homes. So, you need to ensure that the pipes present in the cold areas are protected and insulated properly when you notice that the temperature begins to drop below the freezing point.

Windows and doors:Weatherstripping around the windows and doors helps in keeping the warm air in while keeping the cold air out.
So, if weatherstripping is not present, then small spaces will begin to leak air and indeed cost you a lot on monthly heating bills.
Thus, you need to check for the weatherstripping present around your house. Just in case, it is missing or worn, then you should consider about replacing it.

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